Sue Usgaard

I started taking G-fit classes about a year and a half ago at an extremely low point in my life. Their classes and the personal training they offer have given me confidence in myself and hope beyond measure.

Words can't describe how Steve, Jake, J. Steele, Jonathan and the rest of Steve's staff can motivate you, push you past what you think your body can do, and support you in whatever your goals are. They are fantastic people that truly care about your body, mind, and soul.  

Keep up the good work G-Fit!! Not sure what I'd do without you!!

Hannah Sparks

I finally found a place I could work out and not feel judged!! Steve and all the trainers are so great! I couldn't do it without any one of them!! Love this place!

Mona Lonial

I joined Guardian Fitness last year at the end of July. At first it was to incorporate a couple of workouts during the week along with my running routine. After the first session I started with PT to train for my first half marathon race. I couldn't have been happier with my results. I have since signed up for additional sessions and now training for full marathon coming up in October.

G-Fit team is amazing in providing support and encouragement regardless of your personal goals. Steve Starks is excellent with providing a rounded service that incorporates nutritional guidance along with achieving health goals. Extremely happy with joining G-Fit.

Amanda Curry

I joined Guardian Fitness in November 2016. That was one of the best decisions I have ever made. I was the one that never had time, had every excuse in the book as to why I couldn't work out. Steve and the rest of Guardian Fitness welcomed me with open arms.

Guardian Fitness has changed me in so many ways I can't begin to describe. They are true to their word... Healing the Mind, Body, and Soul. This is hands down the best place to get involved with.

They are like family! I highly encourage you to try it. You will not regret it!!

Chelsie Phillips

Guardian Fitness is hands down the best decision I ever made for my health! Steve is so motivational and such an encouraging person! I am truly thankful I have this in my life! Steve makes it enjoyable to get your butt kicked and regardless of how many clients he has you will always feel like his #1 priority!

Thank you Steve and the rest of the Guardian Fitness trainers for everything you do!! Give it a try because if I can do it, anyone can, as long as you believe in yourself!!

Susie Holzer

There aren't enough words in the dictionary to adequately describe how great Guardian Fitness is.

If you have the will to commit to the program, Steve and his team will show you how to reach your goals and they will be there every step of the way to get you there.

This is not your everyday fitness class. The variety of the workout is what sets this program apart from anything I've ever done. I've tried it all... home dvd's, daily walking, going to aerobic classes and I've lost interest and/or become bored with the routine. The only 'routine' thing about G-Fit is the time you show up for class and the sense of accomplishment you leave with when class is over.

I've never been so happy with a decision in my life. Not only do I have someone educating me on how to improve myself, I've gained a second family that I would not trade for the world. If I start to falter or have a bad day (hey - no one is perfect; it happens to the best of us), I know someone will have my back and will be there to lift me up and cheer me on.

Here's a huge thaaaaaaaaank yooouuuuuuuuu to Steve and his team and to my G-Fit family for helping to empower and lift up those around you. Accept the Challege; Expect a Change!!!

Heather Guillory

I realized why I love Guardian Fitness the other day thanks to a question I was asked about a fitness routine. I believe I was bragging about the opportunity my employer had provide us to work with Steve Starks. This person asked, well what do you "do" , "what kind of workout is it, do you do classes or something".

When I would attempt working out before and these conversation came up I used to say "Oh I go to Golds, or I go to World" ect... BUT my response on this day was "oh, well I'm a part of this Guardian Fitness workout class/programs, have you heard of them?". It was in that moment I realized that I was no longer "going" to some gym, hoping for a change. I realized I had changed my inner voice and that Steve and his team truly have created not just a gym but a community.
Steve creates intense yet incredibly great workouts, that I would have told you a few months ago were crazy and I would die if I tried them. While being physical pushed you will definitely find that your inner strength and passion also grow.

"I am, what I say I am"

I recommend Guardian Fitness to anyone, from the girl running marathons to the retiree or new mother, everyone CAN do these workouts and G-Fit will make you believe in yourself!!

Amy Frakes

Early in 2016, I realized that it was time to make myself a priority – which mean losing weight and being healthier, healthier, not necessarily skinny. I was filled with dread and apprehension at trying to tackle the two things that I have always failed at. 

A close friend had been going to Guardian Fitness and assured me that I COULD do it and that Guardian was the right place for me. I owe that friend a huge debt of gratitude. 

I started my journey in January 2016 to become who I wanted to be. And Guardian has been there every step of the way. I was terrified my first session – I was going to be last, I was the heaviest person there, I’d never make 10 minutes – all of these thoughts raced through my head. Well, guess what? I made it through the first session – not only were the trainers friendly and encouraging, but so were my fellow members. 

Guardian is a family – it’s a family of people who encourage every day and never let you give up. Every workout is a challenge and is different than the one before. Steve, John, and JSteele push you but it’s an encouragement. I am trusting this family with my life – by making it better, longer and more meaningful. 

Guardian isn’t just a place to work out; it becomes a place where you learn about yourself, learn how to defeat the negative thoughts about your body, and journey to who you can be. 

Since January, I’ve lost 55 lbs and 12 inches around my waist. I was buying Size 26/28 clothing and I am in 18/20 and in some cases, a plain XL shirt. I could never have gotten to this point by just diet. 

If you are ready to embrace who you can be, sign up for Guardian Fitness. But be prepared for the change – mind, body and soul. 

Jennifer Ness

What Guardian Fitness means to me...

Prior to my wedding in 2008, I trained with Steve Starks for a little over a year. Steve helped me to be the fittest I could be for my wedding. Shortly after my wedding in 2008, my husband and I moved to San Antonio, TX with his career. After doing so I started gaining weight due to the stress it put on me. 6 months later I found out I was pregnant. At that point, I began gaining weight above and beyond the healthy pregnancy weight. So, after my pregnancy I decided that I needed to get back into those old jeans and feel better about myself.

It helped that we were moving back to Peoria and would be closer to family and friends, but that also got me excited to start training with Steve again. As soon as we moved back, I got in contact with Steve and he told me about Guardian Fitness. At first I was leery because I don't like to train with others because sometimes it breaks my focus. However, Steve kept encouraging me to do it. He thought it would give me that well needed push to get things rolling. I finally decided that not only would it help me get more fit, but it would give me some "Adult Time" away from my little one.

So, as I attain my goal of getting rid of those last few pounds of pregnancy weight and get back into those old jeans, I am really enjoying the group workout sessions because I have found that it doesn't break my focus, rather it makes me push harder to be my best. So, thank you everyone, coaches and "classmates", at Guardian Fitness for helping me be the healthiest and fittest me I can be!!


Kathy Wright

If you want motivation, high energy, qualified instructors and team-family spirit this is the fitness environment to be in!

Michael McCulla Sr.

First workout at Guardian Fitness, Starks is the man! Hurts like hell but that's my fault for allowing myself to become so deconditioned. Looking forward to week 7!

Connie Waugh

My experience with G-Fit has been extremely positive. G-Fit has gone beyond my expectations.

Since joining in June 2010 I have lost weight, dropped two sizes, but most importantly I have not only lowered by blood pressure, but I am no longer taking blood pressure medicine. My blood pressure is now within the normal range and my doctor told me to keep doing what I am doing because it is working.

Jonathon Davis

Freaking Awesome!!

Carolina Erke

I used to go to the gym six times a week for almost three years and I have seen greater results in a shorter amount of time with the G-Fit program. I have lost weight and most importantly have gained strength.

Every workout is different so your body is always challenged. It has worked for me and I have met some great people along the way!

Letecha Haywood

If you want a challenge and to get in to shape and be healthy...this is the place for matter what size or big happy healthy family...Hooooaaaahhhh!!!